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Less than 1 week to go for the Heritage Team Shaker, Pig Roast and Party More News

The Heritage Inn Squad is hosting a Pig Roast and Shaker at Bob Tabian's Place on May 2 at . 3811 53rd St S Out by the South Star Trails. Party Starts at 6, Wives and Girlfriends are encouraged to attend.

There's Gonna be a pig roast, Theres gonna be a band, If there a band, there will be dancing so bring your wives and girlfriends. Cause Smiley says he's only going to dance with so many of you. The party is out doors and so there's no walls so Big Sexy figures he's safe There's gonna be some drunk hockey players (no wait that's every Sunday from Sept-March)

It all happens on Saturday May 2 starting at 6pm and going on until the wee hours of the next morning.

Bob says he has everything required for a great time EXCEPT chairs and snacks. You will probably want to bring some of your own booze too.   There are spots for tent and RV's as well, so if you have one, and don't want to drive home there's lots of space for them.

The Heritage guys have put lots of effort into the party, and we'd love to see a great turnout from the league.

Hope to see everyone there.

Posted by Jonathan Butt, Created Mon Apr 27, 2015

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