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Mark the date!  December 22nd for the annual KCOHL Christmas Party and Foodraiser !

Many people make donations to the Cranbrook Food bank before Christmas, but the need still exists long after the holidays. By bringing our donation to the food bank closer to Christmas we can help feed families through the cold winter months.

The Food bank is always appreciative of cash donations as well. In many cases local grocers have specialty programs for the food bank that lets them stretch the money much further than you and I can. SO Cash donations would be accepted as well.

Its in the Schedule as a Fundraising event.

We will have pizza, Chicken, other snackies, and Great company to help us all get in the holiday spirits.

A reminder that those of you planning to imbibe during the festivities should make plans for a safe ride home.

Posted by Jonathan Butt, Created Thu Dec 12, 2013, Updated Wed Jan 8, 2014

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