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We have been contacted by the Invermere Old Timers to participate in an upcoming fundraising tourney. We have been hoping to get teams from Invermere to attend our November Tourney so this is a great way for us to start the ball rolling.

The tournament dates are from the 11-13 of April, so it could be your last dose of hockey until September. Each team is guaranteed 3 games, there are appetizers planned for the Saturday evening and there are beers after each game.

Cost per team is 750.00 (50.00 per person based on 15 skaters and a goalie) Their plan is to have a competitive division and a recreational division.

By April 15th I will only be available to provide some basic organizing, however If a group is interested in putting together a team, collecting the appropriate fees and arranging transport we can arrange jerseys.

The Invermere guys have said that they can arrange the schedule so tha tnay teams from Cranbrook could commute so you don't have to stay overnight in Invermere. However, since its shoulder season up there, some deals may be able to be worked out either right in Invermere or in Fairmont.

This would be a perfect opportunity for the "new Shooters" from the F-troop tourney to put a team in and represent us.

I'm hoping that a group will put together a team so we can extend the invitation to Invermere for the Fall.

Posted by Jonathan Butt, Created Mon Mar 10, 2014

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