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Thanksgiving Sunday (October 12 ) More News

Thanks everyone for the response on the survey.  The response was great and from that we requested a cancellation from the city for this Sunday.  Unfortunately we did not get our request to them in time to make the two week advance for cancellations.

So what does this mean?  It means games go ahead this sunday (sort of)

What we thought we would do is run the first three games

2:45 pm Heritage(blue)  vs Rella (White)

4:15 pm Culligan (baby poop green)  vs Ron's Collision (black)

5:45 pm Country Hardwood (black) vs Bridge Interiors (white)

People who are wscheduled to play in the later games are invited to come out and "spare" at any of the 3 early games and drink a few beers (or vice versa)

With the number of people who said that they couldn't make it, we should have just the right numbers for some fun old timer's hockey. If you are going to come out and play, just show up and we will make it work.

Remember, we're not here for the hockey.

Posted by Jonathan Butt, Created Tue Oct 7, 2014

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