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The rules for the year end tourney have been set and are listed below. 


1. All games are 2 - 25 minute running time periods. If final game is tied after regulation time, there will be 5 minutes of sudden death overtime, followed by a 3 man shootout.

2. Last 2 minutes will be stop time if 2 goals or less differential.

3. 3 goal limit per player per game. Faceoff in defensive zone if 4th                                     scored.

4.Round robin tie breakers:                                                       

   A. Total Points: win = 2 points, tie = 1 point, loss = 0 points.

   B.  Most wins.

   C.  Winner of round robin game.

   D.  Goals for minus goals against (maximum differential of 7 goals).

   E.  Least goals against.

   F.  Coin toss.

5. Rules of play in accordance with CARHA official rules, plus

    the following:

   A.  No slapshots – ABOVE KNEES = minor penalty.

   B.  Fake slapshot = minor penalty

   C.  2nd slapshot penalty = game ejection

   D.  Golf swinging at puck = minor penalty.                      

   E.  Contact with or attempt to contact puck with a high stick (ABOVE CROSSBAR) = minor penalty.

6. Penalties:

   A.  Minor - 3 minutes.

   B.  Major – 7 minutes + game misconduct.

   C.  Fighting – Major + tournament ejection.

   D.  Intent to injure – same as fighting.

   E.  3 penalties – game ejection.

7. Spares may be utilized by teams during the playoffs that are unable to field 10 regular skaters for a game. These spares must come from the current spare list and meet the age requirement. Spares can only play in the games that the team will actually be short.

Example,  If a team will only have 8 players available for game 1 of the playoffs they may pick up 2 spares.  If a regular team player shows up at the last minute then one of the spares will not be permitted to play for that team.

If that same team then has  11 regular players show up for game two they can use NO spares for that game.

Posted by Jonathan Butt, Created Fri Feb 27, 2015

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