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As I sit here trying to compose what will be my last president's report for the AGM. The thing that surprises me the most is the speed at which the past 4 years have disappeared.


Running this league in concert with the other members of the executive has been an enjoyable past time over the previous 4 years. We've accomplished a lot. The most enduring, and the accomplishment I'm most proud of is the KCOHL website and online registration.   League members have told me that it will be hard to top that one, but I'm sure something will come along.


The roots of the website should actually be credited to my predecessor, Dave Standing who started the process of a simple email list, which grew into the idea for automating more of the league function. Which led to Wayne and I looking for a website or some method to send reminders and to try to eliminate hours of phone calls. Dave was also instrumental in developing the charitable aspect of our league, knowing that we help people in our own community with our donations just by doing something we love is probably the most gratifying aspect of the role of president.

In that vein, this afternoon I discharged my final duties as president of the KCOHL With a presentation of a cheque in the amount of $3500.00 to Cranbrook Kidsport. Last week I presented a cheque in the amount to the Youth Impact Centre.  The choices of these charities were made by YOU because in reality, this is YOUR league. You just asked me to help keep it running for a while.  


Does everything I've tried work perfectly? Nope. However its the system we have right now and until the next great idea comes along (Which I know is out there)


I'm fortunate enough to work in an industry that by its very nature is constantly changing, its something I'm used to and something that I find natural. There are many, who unlike me are less accustomed to change. Chasing the next great thing, or constantly making changes to how we do things does NOT have to be the goal of the next executive. Consolidation of what we have, correcting some of the little things that I didn’t (like getting the schedule right). Taking things slow is not a bad thing. Sometimes it might be the right thing. That will be for the next executive to decide.


As I leave the position of president and move into the position of "Past President" I'm grateful for the friendship and wise council of Wayne Walmsley and Brandon Cavener without whom the running of the league would have been much more difficult and I probably would have gotten myself in much more trouble than I did.


To the new executive, I offer you the experience of my years as president, my advice when asked, my support for your decisions and my silence when none of the above is required.


Jonathan Butt

Posted by Jonathan Butt, Created Mon Jun 12, 2017

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